The 32nd Round Norfolk Relay
The Ultimate Club Experience

ARC permit 17/380

A full range of facilities are available at Lynnsport adjacent to the start


Kings Lynn to Hunstanton

16.32 miles

Minimum age 18/19 yrs

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A pay and display carpark, toilets and cafe are adjacent to the change over point

1a. From the start (TF 634 211) follow the marked track out of Lynnsport until the T-junction with Edward Benefer Way (TF 633 222). ⚠ Caution - High risk point. Turn right and cross to the other side of the road when instructed to do so, or as soon as it's safe.
1b. Continue up Edward Benefer way for 0.8 miles to the traffic lights (TF 645 224), turn left down Castle Rising road. Follow the road for 2.2 miles into Castle Rising village.
1c. Follow the road past the red telephone box and the Black Horse Inn. After a sharp left hand bend turn left by a wooden bench (TF 666 248) by the church.
1d. Follow the road down the hill past a set of wooden gates and onto a metalled cycle track. Follow the cycle track and as the track approaches the main A149 turn left to stay on the cycle track.
1e. When the cycle track crosses the junction of the B1439/A149 road, leave the cycle track and join the main A149 (TF 675 263). ⚠ Be extremely careful when joining the main road.
1f. After 0.8 miles on the road turn left marked 'Wolferton' (TF 673 277).
1g. Go straight over at the cross roads and down the hill over old level crossing.
1h. After the road bends left, turn right 50 metres before the red telephone box (TF 657 286) down Steer Rd. (a private road - no vehicles).
1i. Follow this road, passing farm buildings on your right after approx one mile and after another 200 metres turn left at the T-junction.
1j. Fork right after 50 metres and go to the pumping station (TF 653 302). Go up the bank and pass through the stile keeping the pumping station on your right.
1k. Keep to top of bank for 200 metres then go straight ahead as the bank turns sharply right. Follow this path with a wire fence on your right.
1l. After 0.5 miles the wire fence bends sharply right, runners go straight ahead to pick up the small concrete path and another wire fence.
1m. From this point and until the access point at Snettisham (TF 647 334), keep the sea in sight on your left as you run on the shingle ridge.
1n. After Snettisham proceed along the bank for about a kilometre, then make your way down off the bank when directed to the right and proceed in the same northerly direction. At all times you must keep the raised bank as close as possible on your left hand side.
1o. As you approach an area of beach houses (TF 660 362), pick up the well-defined vehicle track and continue on this through a pedestrian gate and between the houses.
1p. At a major track junction in Heacham (TF 662 368) go straight on taking the lower road.
1q. At the next major road/track junction (TF 664 375) signed 'Launch Monitoring Station' turn left up on to the concrete promenade.
1r. Turn right and proceed in a northerly direction towards Hunstanton. Do NOT go straight on through the caravan/hut area. Stay on the concrete promenade until you reach Hunstanton.
1s. Just as a concrete wall starts on your left and you can see a large building overhanging the promenade, go straight on to just before the end of the promenade (TF 672 413).
1t. At the last lamp post on the left, take the zig-zag path protected by a handrail, to the top of the cliff.
1u. Turn back to proceed along the path past the Salad Bowl Cafe.
1v. Go on to the grass and keeping the chain-linked fence on your left make your way towards the lighthouse.
1w. Pass to the left of the lighthouse to the changeover (TF 675 421) opposite the Lighthouse Cafe.

The event is grateful to the Royal Sandringham Estate for permission to transit through their land during the early part of this stage.

For security reasons the Sandringham Estate have asked that no trial runs or reconnaissances are carried out over their land, prior to the race, without permission. To enable runners to reccie this part of the route, they have advised us that runners can have access to the estate at the following times:
Sunday 3rd September: 8:00am to 11:00am
Sunday 10th September: 8:00am to 11:00am

* Access points for vehicles to monitor runner:
1) From A149 turn down Snettisham Beach Road (TF 647 334)
2) From A149 turn left towards Heacham (TF 662 368)

NB. Runners on this stage MUST be given a copy of this route description.