The 32nd Round Norfolk Relay
The Ultimate Club Experience

ARC permit 17/380

Planning tips for newcomers to the Round Norfolk Relay.

  1. To enter or not to enter?
    • Minimum number of interested members to make a team viable - 20
    • How many support personnel needed? 4
    • Need for event organiser/coordinator and assistant - both should be IT literate.
    • Consider asking for visit or consultation with RNR committee.

  2. What class should we enter?
    • Club for those with all-round strength
    • Open if unsure.
    • Master if your club has strong veteran element.
    • Mixed if you have majority of ladies in your team (but not enough to enter the Ladies class which requires 17 ladies)

  3. Consider the cost of making the trip. Perhaps you could get local sponsorship to help with transport.

  4. Accommodation. You can camp free of charge at Lynnsport or bed down in the centre using a sleeping bag. Otherwise you may wish to pay for accommodation locally. The website can help with this aspect.

  5. Modus Operandi. There are a number of options which might suit you, but the choice is yours depending on your club particular needs. These are to:
    • Centrally coordinate getting your runners to the right place at the right time. If you decide to do it this way, you will need to devise a system of delivery to and collection from changeover points.
    • Make it an individual responsibility for team members to get to/from their stage: can be fraught!
    • Mix and match the options according to your requirements.

  6. Co-ordination and the passage of information within the club will be a key element in the planning of your race.

  7. Liaison with a club/s that have taken part in the race will help you decide what you need to do to make a successful entry. Also the RNR committee is always available to give advice and help. We want you to enjoy the event!

  8. Communication during the race will be vital. In this respect, the use of mobile telephones is key.

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