The 31st Round Norfolk Relay
The Ultimate Club Experience

ARC permit 17/380

Round Norfolk Race Entries 2017 are open from Monday 3rd April

Online entries for this year's race will be open on Monday 3rd April 2017. The entry procedure is similar to that in previous years. Again there will be no paypal facility as we are asking clubs to pay their race entry directly by BACS.

Race Capacity
The maximum number of competing teams will be restricted to 60, with a maximum priority entry of three teams per club.

Clubs and teams wishing to enter the RNR must be affiliated to either UK Athletics (UKA) or the Association of Running Clubs (ARC)

Entry Procedure
RNR operate a two tier entry procedure. Those teams which qualify for a priority entry will be allowed to enter the race before the remaining unallocated places are made available to other teams. Details of this procedure is described below:

Priority Entries
Clubs based in Norfolk and currently affiliated to Athletics Norfolk will be allowed to enter the race during a two week 'window' running from Monday 3rd April to Sunday 16th April 2017, but in accordance with the 'one team per class' rule, providing they can attain the standards of the race and that they provide assistance in staging the race.

During the same two week period (3rd-16th April), clubs unaffiliated to Athletics Norfolk will also be granted a one place priority entry providing:

A list of the clubs granted a priority entry will be published on the website at the conclusion of this two week window.

To check out your eligibility for priority entry click here

To make your priority entry check here

Other Entries
After the priority entry window has closed, other teams will be able to apply for vacancies, using the on-line application form, stating the class for which they are applying. In addition clubs who have already been awarded a one place priority entry can apply for additional places. This application period will run from Monday 17th April to Sunday 30th April. The RNR committee will then decide which of those applications they wish to accept. In arriving at a decision the committee will take account of various factors including previous appearances and performance, class to be entered, the ability of a club/team to meet the standards of the race and the breakdown of teams required to meet a balance in the five classes within the race. Those teams chosen to fill vacancies will be asked to confirm their acceptance, within 14 days, by completing the on-line entry form and paying the entry fee.

Entry Fee
The entry fee will be again be 225 per team. If for any reason a club decides to withdraw their entry, no refund of the entry fee will be given AFTER the 16th June 2017 (i.e. less than 3 months before the event). Any club withdrawing BEFORE the 16th June 2017 will be required to pay 20% of the entry fee to cover administrative costs.

Team Composition
Each team, regardless of class, will consist of 17 runners. Within the race there will be five team classes: Open, Club, Master, Ladies and Mixed. The criteria for each class are as follows:

Please note entries will be governed by the principle of 'One team, per class, per club'.