The 32nd Round Norfolk Relay
The Ultimate Club Experience

ARC permit 17/380


Online declarations for this year's race open on Wednesday 30th August

Declarations and Start times

Teams are required to make two declarations, notifying their runners, prior to the race. These are called the preliminary and final declarations. When you make these declarations you will need to know your team's race number. This was allocated when your entry was accepted - you can check this here. In addition they are required to register at least 30 minutes before the start where they sign off their final declaration, receive briefing instructions, water signs, t-shirts and the baton.

The Preliminary Declaration can now be made on line here.

When nominating your team please ensure that the composition complies with the requirement of the class you have entered.

Entries are governed by the principle of 'One team, per class, per club'.

Completion of the Preliminary Declaration must include an estimated running time which will be used to determine the team's start time and for the award of best time estimate prize. The preliminary declaration can be amended as required, but the last version must be submitted by Wednesday 13th September. At this point the time estimate and allocated start time are fixed and cannot be changed. You can check the information that we are currently holding about your team composition and confirm your team's start time by visiting the declared teams page.

The final declaration can be made on line here.

This must be made between Thursday 14th September and at least 30 minutes before your team's allocated start time on race day. Previously submitted preliminary declaration details may be changed with the exception of the time estimate. This final declaration can be made online, in person at Lynnsport. or if there are no changes to the preliminary declaration, by texting 07443 509406.

Once the final declaration has been made no changes are permitted to any element of the declaration, including runners named or to the stages they have been nominated to run. Disqualification will result if this rule is infringed.

The submission procedure has now been amended to allow all teams to register on Friday (but see below) if they so choose. The amended submission procedure is as follows :-

A club/team shall be held responsible for the accuracy of the information in the Final Declaration.