The 32nd Round Norfolk Relay
The Ultimate Club Experience

ARC permit 17/380

RNR administration and Lynnsport information

Hi Visibility Garments

The race Safety Rules (view these here) require hi-visibility/reflective garments to be worn during the event. It is important that all hi-visibility garments worn by runners, marshals, supporters and cycle escorts have strong reflective properties and are in good repair. Flimsy vests made up of (so-called) reflective mesh do not do the job and are unacceptable. Referees will be asked to pay particular to this important safety matter.


Please read the general rules 35 to 44 concerning timekeeping aspects.(view these here)

Timekeepers are requested to wear a his-vis vest with the name 'Timekeeper' on it so that they are easily identified at the Finish and when Results Sheets are collected at other places during the race.

For Time penalties for stage defaults (taken from the 2016 race). Click here

Useful tips

Course Marking.

Although route finding is a team responsibility, the course will be marked where necessary by the use of A5 size red signs with a black arrow, on the off-road sections and with A5 yellow signs on the road stages.The letters RNR will appear at the top of the arrow. If the RNR is not at the top, the arrow will not be pointing in the correct direction suggesting that the sign has been tampered with. Those running off-road stages are strongly advised to familiarise themselves with their route prior to the race.

Vehicle Warning Sign & Team Number.

Each team will be given a team number (tyvek) and a magnetic 'Slow moving vehicle' sign, to be displayed on the team vehicle, at registration. The magnetic vehicle sign is costly and must be handed in at Lynnsport. In the event of loss the cost of replacement will be debited to the team concerned

Catering Arrangements.

For details of the meals available at Lynnsport over race weekend view here

Memento and Prizes.

A unique commemorative memento will be given to all competitors.

For a list of team and individual prizes see the prize list

Appearance Awards: Individuals and clubs that complete 10 or 20 races will be awarded a special medal or memento.


For the teams requiring overnight accommodation, over race weekend, there are a number of options:

Lynnsport and Leisure Park is situated in 72 acres of parkland which makes it the ideal venue for hosting the Round Norfolk Relay. Lynnsport is clearly sign posted from all the major routes into King's Lynn.


Provision of refreshments, first aid cover etc. is a team responsibility, except that the race director will provide each runner with a 500 ml bottle of water. A list of hospitals, toilets and 24 hr garages (on the route) are included within each stage description. This can be viewed here. In the event of an emergency, the 999 services should be used. A list of places where on route refreshments can be purchased is also included within the stage descriptions.

RNR information booklet - 2017

Your race coordinator will have a copy of this. However you can view and download the online version here.

Child Protection Policy.

The Round Norfolk Relay has a child protection policy (view here) which is administered by the Race Director.

Weather Check

Met Office Weather
Before you leave for an event, you can check on the weather forecast to see if it's going to stay fair or if Mother Nature isn't feeling quite so kind.